Post Wedding Updates #syidareenwedding


Hi! How are you? I know! I know! It’s been too long I have not post anything about my wedding but all I can say is Alhamdulillah it has been a fruitful journey despite hiccups here and there. We manage to pull through.

How’s life after married?

It feels so surreal having to wake up in the morning and there’s someone beside u. Omg! Terkejut I! haha! But all I can say now is I’m so happy beyond words. What we as a wife did for our husband, InsyaAllah dapat pahala. Of course there’s ups and downs in alam rumah tangga but with understanding, give and take, love for each other, sincere, setia, InsyaAllah things will work out if both parties make an effort..

Will I be blogging again?

I guess this will be my last to blog about my wedding. Sad to leave but some things has to put to an end. Commitments and family awaits me. When I did some reflection, blogging about my wedding for the pass months has make my life a wonderful journey. I’ve make new friends here, gain knowledge, gets and share information from and to other BTBs and the support and love that I’ve got from #btbsupportgroup and my families and friends, make my life a blessing. Alhamdulillah I’m blessed to be here blogging and knowing some of u girls. U girls are very supportive of one another. Keep it up! Cant wait for our upcoming chalet that will be held on November, InsyaAllah.

Till then, Take care and All the best in your wedding preparation BTB’S.

My advice, rilexs and enjoy the moment before you become someones wife.


Syida the Lovevintagebride signing off.

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40 days to #syidareenwedding

Right now, the busy mode has come. Berkat is coming on the 4th July. 20 cartons to fit my hall. Been busy with house, my room and checking this and that make sure everythings in place. I cant do all this but with the help of my families and gfs. Alhamdulillah.  As they say, there will be hiccups here and there. I face one and it hurts but i replied back with a slap on their face. Both of them is very dear to me (not my parents) commented when i told him and her that i will be meeting my btbs for the wedding preps and she goes ” masih lame lagi bla bla bla”. I replied back ” lagi 1 bulan je and u say this early?! Ni semua masing-masing” Right back at ya. My aim is to settle things that needs to be settle and i can focuse with other things.  Anw, cant wait to be Reen’s wife in 40 days insyaAllah and call him Abanggggg.. Haha! And also my long awaited wedding leave which i waited since 22 September 2013 the day that im engaged to Reen, i will be going for long leave on the 29 July 2015 till 10 August 2015. And best of all, Reen and I will not be meeting each other for a month from 2nd July 2015 till 1st August 2015 and that makes me all nervous.

I email both Mak andams, Peti Solek and Nora Sahari for us to go last fitting on different timings and yes we can. So we both will be going separetely, me and my maid of honor and he with his bestman.

Now that is 40 days to the wedding, InsyaAllah we can do this.

Pray for us ladies! 😉

Selamat Berpuasa semua! 😉

3rd honeymoon book in Bandung… 

Last few weeks, I’ve been planning our 2nd and 3rd honeymoon/holiday. That will be in September and in December. InsyaAllah. Excited gile! 

After the well known Indonesian designer, Dian Pelangi posted a picture of her in ig in this room, i was like WOW. It really caught my eye and it do feels like love at first sight. The Noor Hotel Bandung an Islamic Boutique Hotel takes my breath away. The interior design is a Mediterranean style. The kind that u see in Turkey, with a very nice design and fine interiors. They also provide air zam zam, kurma, sejadah, telekung and tasbih. It’s hard to find a muslim own hotel that provide us with all this. So i straight away msg Reen and tell him my plans and he disagree at first. He wanted to go Bangkok and i told him it’s a big NO NO for me. Why? Because my colleagues just came back from Bangkok and my dear muslim colleagues have a hard time finding food to eat over there. All they eat was maggi and sticky rice. Poor thing. Cant deny but it is a shopping paradise. 

So i told Reen and he said ok, we go Bandung. Awesome la my fiance. Hehe. Better be. Haha! But he is such a sweetie bear when it comes to me planning all this. He lets me plan because he knows that I have alot alot of time to plan all this. Guys! Haha! He still checks on me whether all planning is okay or not. Im blessed to have him. Alhamdulillah. 

And it’s confirm that we are going Bandung for our 3rd Honeymoon that will be on December. InsyaAllah. 

So much to do with so little time…

77 days to the big day and right now, i feel the busyness. To make appt with deco, mak andam, itinerary, kemas rumah ( part ni jangan cakap tak akan habis punyelah! Haha) , book transport, cat bilik and beli bunga. I do want to pamper myself at Pearlista and Spa by Norfasarie. With all the busyness, nak curik time. I wanna feel like a princess with all the pampering. Cant wait! 

We do feel the pressure now but it’s good as i know things are starting to go in places. InsyaAllah things will go smoothly. Amin. 

Bridesmaids story

I have choosen 5 bridesmaids and all of them except for my cousin is my secondary school friends. Since im 13 years old and how time flies. It’s been 13 years i’ve known them and many more years to come. I change my mind in choosing their outfit from POPLOOK to KHADIJAH because i had a hard time ordering from poplook. It goes like this, i choose all of the outfit and put it in my shopping cart and when i click back, all my items disappear. And when i want to order again, it stated out of stock. Totally gave me a hard time, i just stop and decide why not find other outfits. I almost give up. Almost become bridezilla but i cool down. And alhamdulillah my gf help me alot. Plan a meetup with my cousin at geylang. We walk at Tanjong Katong Complex and try my luck to see is there is any potential outfit for them. After going in and out of stores, i finally found the one. Thank god! It’s from KHADIJAH. A princess cut dress. Most importantly its pastel and i love it. Bought it for them and im a happy happy girl. My cousin can tell that im very happy. Because i shared with her almost anything. She said ” maybe ade hikmah why you dont get poplook.” Yup. I was relieved. So we went to arnolds and have our dinner there. Eat like a boss sey. Haha. Feeling satiesfied.

Meeting the girls…

I did plan a meetup with all of them but some just couldnt make it due to personal commitments but i did meet them up individually. I prepared the bridesmaids kit for them dengan penuh kasih sayang and i hope they like it. It’s fun doing all this for them. It’s how i show my appreciation to each and everyone of them and thankful to have them around me during my wedding. Insyaallah. Till next time…